Primarily based in New Jersey, S.H.R.O.U.D. is a group of spiritual healers and paranormal investigators that help both the living and the deceased. For free of charge, we help a client through the haunting of any severity till there is peace. Our team of professional psychics, mediums, shamans and investigators help get to the answer of a haunting and then give aid on what to do after a haunting confirmation. We will not close a case until the client feels safe. We understand that while some clients want just a haunting confirmation, others want the removal of that haunting. We can offer both.

Team Members

Lauren Porter is S.H.R.O.U.D.'s team leader and founder. Born to the parents of American Indian, Caucasian and Black American backgrounds, at an early age was blessed with the gift. It was at the age of three, her gift was confirmed and later went on to self-develop. Not knowing to either be terrified or turn away due to not understanding her gift, she decided she ultimately needed answers. One day at the age of eleven, her decision to not to be afraid came at that was the beginning of putting her gift to good use. Having prophetic dreams, confronting and removing negative entities and shamanic healings are just some of the gifts she has. She is there for people who need her help but the most important thing for her is to let people know that it is okay to ask for help. By developing S.H.R.O.U.D., people will know of whom and where to ask for help.
Veronica dela Paz has been fortunate to have been born Italian and Romanian. At an early age her gift was acknowledged and guided so that she would be able to help others with her long line of Gypsy heritage enables her to educate herself, so her gift would benefit others to the fullest. She has been able to develop her gift and is sensitive to all energy surrounding the environment she is in; including spirits, entities, positive or negative energies. She excels in identifying what it is and can help solve whatever the person is experiencing; while being sensitive to her clients privacy and needs. She is continuing to educate herself so that her gift always used in a positive manner. Her readings and healings are a means to experience. She is always available and welcomes anyone who needs her help. With her gift, it is something she wishes to share.
Barbara Cannon has been a psychic/medium her entire life, and coming from a long line of psychics, she is here to help you with life decisions or make contact with a loved who has crossed over.

She is here to help you heal emotionally and spritually.

She works with Angel cards, tarot, but mostly she works with God and his Angels, Masters, Spirit Guides, and loved ones who have crossed. She has recently incorporated shamanism into her work.
Christopher Costleigh is a paranormal investigator who brings a needed skepticism to the field. He looks for reasonable explanations in the evidence and helps define if it is valid. He is there to help in the clearings and bring clarity to a client's situation.
David Baker is a Psychic-Medium. Using his psychic abilities he is able to tap into the energy of another and see information about a person's past, present and future. As a medium, he is able to communicate with the spirits of people and animals who have died a physcial death and now reside in the spirit world.